Outlined, in the following paragraphs, is a brief summary of the 4 steps all authors and participants should follow in order to complete the NUTRICON Congress Submission Process. Detailed information on each step can be found by clicking on the quick links below, or by accessing each step via the ‘Call for Papers’ tab in the Main Menu.


1. CONGRESS REGISTRATION – Participants who want to attend NUTRICON will first have to register for the congress by completing the Congress Registration Form, which can be found in the REGISTRATION Tab or on the REGISTER NOW button in the Main Menu. After successful registration, participants will receive an e-mail confirming their registration, with additional information following about their registration and payment specifics.

  • Prior to the Abstract Submission process, all authors should also view the Congress Topics and select a topic for their paper.

NOTE: After registration, the following submission steps are not applied to participants registered as ‘Listeners Only’, with only payment for participation to follow.

2. ABSTRACT SUBMISSION – After successfully registering for the congress, authors will receive an e-mail to write and deliver their abstract to the publisher within a deadline of around 5 work days. As such, authors should follow the rules and guidelines for abstract submission and use the appropriate form when writing their abstract, all located in the ABSTRACT SUBMISSION Tab. Upon delivering their abstract, the corresponding author will receive an Abstract Summary Review from the Editorial Team. The review will detail initial abstract acceptance, corrections to be made, and the full paper and cover letter submission process that is to follow. The e-mail will also contain the following payment procedure for the accepted submission and the corresponding author will be sent an invoice for payment. Following that, the author will need to conduct the corrections and send the corrected abstract back to the publisher in order to receive an e-mail informing them of a completed abstract submission.

NOTE: The following Full Paper submission steps are not applied to participants who register for the congress with ‘Abstract Only’, with only payment for participation to follow.

3. FULL PAPER & COVER LETTER SUBMISSION – After receiving an e-mail detailing abstract acceptance, the corresponding author can start to prepare their Full Paper and Cover Letter in parallel with their abstract. All authors have a timeframe of 1 month (30 days) to submit their Full Paper and Cover Letter, starting from the day they receive e-mail confirmation that their abstract submission has been accepted. When writing their Full Paper, authors should follow the provided rules for their Full Paper submission, and use the appropriate forms when writing their paper, which can be found in the FULL PAPER & COVER LETTER Tab. Following successful submission, authors will receive a Full Paper Review. The review will usually detail corrections to be made by the author. Upon completing their corrections, the author should re-send their Full Paper to the publisher, and should all corrections be completed, will receive an e-mail confirmation of a completed NUTRICON paper submission process.

  • COVER LETTER – Every Full Paper submission must be also accompanied by a Cover Letter by the corresponding author, indicating they have not submitted a similar manuscript for publication elsewhere. Authors should fill out the Cover Letter Form and send it to the publisher alongside their Full Paper submission. Full Papers submitted without a cover letter will NOT be accepted.


NOTE: The full paper review process cannot be started without confirmation of processed payment for the publication, sent to

4. PRESENTATION SUBMISSION – Upon final approval from the Congress Editorial Team of an accepted Abstract and Full Paper & Cover Letter, authors should proceed to create and submit their presentation for the Congress. Authors are kindly asked to abide by the guidelines set in creating their Oral or Poster Presentations, which can be found in the PRESENTATION SUBMISSION tab, and utilize the provided templates. 

  • The presentation should be submitted at the latest on the 15th of May, 2024, and not later.