1. After receiving an e-mail detailing their initial abstract acceptance, the corresponding author can start to prepare their Full Paper and Cover Letter in parallel with their abstract. Upon completion, the author can submit both the Full Paper and Cover Letter, by clicking on the ‘Submit Full Paper & Cover Letter’ button below.
  2. All authors have a timeframe of 1 month (30 days) to submit their Full Paper and Cover Letter, starting from the day they receive e-mail confirmation that their abstract submission has been accepted.
  3. Following successful submission, the author will receive a Full Paper Review. The review will usually detail corrections to be made by the author.
  4. Upon completing their corrections, the author should re-send their Full Paper to the publisher, and should all corrections be completed, will receive an e-mail confirmation of completion of the NUTRICON paper submission process.



  • Before writing, authors are asked to read the accompanying documents for Abstract Submission and to utilize (download) the provided Forms in which to write and submit their Full Paper & Cover Letter.
  • Every Full Paper submission must be also accompanied by a Cover Letter by the corresponding author, indicating they have not submitted a similar manuscript for publication elsewhere. Authors should fill out the Cover Letter Form and send it to the publisher alongside their Full Paper submission. Full Papers submitted without a cover letter will NOT be accepted.