(September 1st - December 31st)
(January 1st - March 31st)
(April 1st - May 1st)


3 Days Registration
350 EUR
400 EUR
450 EUR
2 Days Registration
325 EUR
350 EUR
400 EUR
1 Day Registration
300 EUR
325 EUR
350 EUR


3 Days Registration
300 EUR
350 EUR


3 Days Registration (Standard)
300 EUR
350 EUR
3 Days Registration (Co-Author)
250 EUR
300 EUR


Traditional Macedonian Cuisine Dining (1st Day)
60 EUR
Boat Cruise & Dinner at 'The Island' (2nd Day)
60 EUR
Traditional Macedonian Cuisine Dining +
Boat Cruise & Dinner at 'The Island'
(with a selected 3 Day Congress Participation)
100 EUR
Visit of the St. Naum Monastery (2nd Day)
Free of charge & Optional


HED Training
500 EUR
HED Training - Cummulative
(Training + 3 Day Congress Participation)
800 EUR
HACCP Training
350 EUR
HACCP Training - Cumulative
(Training + 3 Day Congress Participation)
650 EUR


JHED Publication-Only
300 EUR
  • Participants who register in a payment window (Early, Standard, Late) must make their payment in that window to receive the selected Registration Fee.
  • Exceptions in registration and payment can ONLY be made in special circumstances, depending on a case-by-case basis. For such a situation, please contact us at info@key.com.mk.


* GHI members receive a 50 euro discount on their cumulative congress participation fee (official document confirmation is required upon registration, and can be attached to the congress registration form). 
** Students can receive the Student Registration Fee by providing an official document confirming their current student status, attached to their congress registration form while completing the registration.
*** If an author and co-author with the same work participate at the congress, the co-author is eligible for a reduced Listener Registration Fee.
**** Training in HED or HACCP is held 2 days before the start of the NUTRICON Congress (on Monday &  Tuesday), at the same venue, with a Cumulative Discount Fee of 100 euros available for each training.


  • Congress materials (bag, book of abstracts, Certificate, ID badge, notebook, pen, etc.);
    The ID Badge grants admission to the scientific sessions for the registered day/s at the congress, and enables entrance for Lunch and Coffee Breaks;
  • Abstract published in the Book of Abstracts and Full Paper published in the Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design;
    – Only the Abstracts/Full Papers of authors or presenters who have paid the registration fee in full will be included in the Abstract Book/JHED
  • Presentation at the congress in an Oral or Poster Form (if the participant is an author)
  • Lunch and coffee break food and beverages during the registered day/s of participation at the congress.
  • Formal and informal networking opportunities.


2. SOCIAL EVENTS participation is optional and is charged additionally to the Registration Fees. Click here to view the Social Program.
– Participants that select a 3 Day Congress Participation Fee receive a Cummulative discount on their Participation (see Table above)

3. TRAINING participation is optional and is charged additionally to the Registration Fees. Click here to view Training options.
– Participants that select a 3 Day Congress Participation Fee receive a Cummulative discount on their Participation (see Table above)

4. PUBLICATION-ONLY – for those who only want to publish a paper at JHED, and cannot attend the congress. Click here to visit the JHED website.


NOTE: ACCOMMODATION is organized personally by each participant. Click here to view Accommodation options.

Participants are requested to REGISTER ONLINE, by completing and submitting their Congress Registration Form at the ‘REGISTER NOW‘ button below, or at the main menu. Upon submitting their Congress Registration Form, the participant should receive an automatic e-mail from the Congress team confirming their registration.

  • If the participant is an Author, is successfully registered at the congress, and has completed a successful Abstract Review, the corresponding author will be instructed to conduct payment, and effectively book their place at the congress.
  • Participants that register as Listener (Standard or as a Co-author), can proceed to payment straight after congress registration.


The payment process is enabled via two available methods of payment (both accessed via the ‘ENTER E-SHOP‘ button below):

BANK TRANSFER (by generating an Invoice at our e-shop, which upon second-hand confirmation, will be delivered to the participant’s billing e-mail address)
CREDIT CARD (by generating and paying the Invoice at our e-shop via a selected credit card)

Upon payment, participants are asked to SEND A CONFIRMATION OF PAYMENT via e-mail to the congress organizer, at info@key.com.mk.