What is HED?

Hygienic Engineering and Design (HED) is the design and engineering of equipment and premises to assure the control of food safety hazards, to maintain product quality and to enhance cleanability.

Target Groups

Based on the needs for their functional roles and responsibilities, there are four (4) target groups that can benefit from this training:

(from technical engineering, process development and quality assurance)

After completion of this course, the qualified student should be able to discharge successfully the role of sole responsible expert in hygienic design for design, construction or operational teams involved with food machinery or food processing.

(from design and mechanical engineering companies as well as from the food industry)

After completion of this course, the qualified student should be in a position to discharge successfully the role of executive manager or marketing or sales professional in an organization involved in designing, installing, maintaining or operating and cleaning food machinery or food processes and systems in such a way that hygienic safety is established and maintained.

Sales and marketing professionals need sufficient knowledge of hygienic design to assure that sale and development of existing or new products comply with the above requirements.

After completion of this course, the qualified student should be competent to: operate, maintain, install and clean food machinery or processes in such a way that its hygienic safety is established and maintained, provided the general training is complete.

NOTE: This group also includes welders, fitters, mechanics, IT specialists, electricians, and technicians that maintain, modify or build hygienic systems

After completion of this course, the qualified student should be competent to verify or test the conformance of hygienic equipment and associated systems and documentation to European Directives and standards, including the EHEDG Document No. 8.

Training Content

The European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) Advanced Training provides a standard European platform for training and education in hygienic engineering and design, based on training modules which summarize the key knowledge of EHEDG guidelines and other EHEDG publications. The theoretical fundamentals of different subjects are given in a short and concise way, continuously relating these elements to practice by means of examples on video, pictures or samples. The training content also encourages interactive participation.


The trainers are EHEDG-accredited and authorized. They are the only persons authorized to teach and impart know-how based on the EHEDG guideline portfolio. As proof of their adequate knowledge acquisition with respect to the key learning points in Hygienic Design, the EHEDG training course attendees who have successfully passed a standardized final exam at the end of the courses will receive EHEDG Certificate and will be published on the EHEDG web page.

When, Where & How Much?

The HED training is organized prior to the start of the congress, from the 3rd to the 5th of June, 2024, in Ohrid, Macedonia, at the same venue as the NUTRICON Congress (Hotel Unique). The training is conducted in the English language.

For participants at the training that will not attend the congress as well, the Training fee is 500 euros. For participants that also want to attend NUTRICON, participation is 800 euros, a discount Cumulative Fee that covers the training and 3-day participation at the NUTRICON Congress for the 5th, 6th, and 7th of June 2024.

Training Fee

(Training Only)

Cumulative Fee

(Training + Congress Participation)

Lead Authorized Trainer

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Kakurinov is an internationally accredited and authorized trainer and consultant, with over 28 years of experience in the fields of food quality, safety, and hygienic design, with a long experience in HACCP implementation, maintenance, and modification. He is also an active EHEDG Training and Education Working Group member, with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry.​

Training Registration

Interested individuals, or groups, can register for the training by clicking on the “REGISTER NOW” button bellow and filling in the Training Registration Form.