1. After successfully registering for the congress, authors will receive an e-mail to write and deliver their abstract to the publisher within a deadline of around 5 work days.
  2. Upon delivering their abstract, the corresponding author will receive an Abstract Summary Review from the Editorial Team. The review will detail initial abstract acceptance, corrections to be made, and the full paper and cover letter submission process that is to follow. The e-mail will also contain the following payment procedure for the accepted submission and the corresponding author will be sent an invoice for payment.
  3. Following that, the author will need to conduct the corrections and send the corrected abstract back to the publisher in order to receive an e-mail informing them of a completed abstract submission.


  • Before writing, please read, view, and download the accompanying documents. Authors are asked to pay careful attention while reading these documents in order to avoid mistakes when writing their Full Paper.
  • Upon completion, please submit your Abstract, by clicking on the ‘Submit Abstract’ button below.