OHRID is a town on the eastern shore of Lake Ohrid in the southwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia.

This lake is one of the largest and the most important natural aquariums in the world. The unique and endemic flora and fauna with many relict living forms make the lake a real ”natural museum of living fossils“, one of the most significant in the Europe and the world.

Since very early time it has been a centre of cultural, educational and artistic life. Ancient Lishnydos,on the site of the present-day Ohrid was an important town on the Via Egnatia, the land route linking Adriatic and Aegean Seas. Numerous archaeological sites are located in the town itself and its surroundings. Religious and secular buildings and necropolises with rich grave goods have been excavated in the area.

In the 10-th – 11-th century, it was the capital of the Samoil’s kingdom and a seat of a patriarch. In the course of its existence, it has been under different rulers. 

The houses in Ohrid are arranged like an amphitheatre, climbing the slope of a hill ascended by narrow winding streets. The old urban Ohrid architecture takes a special place in the cultural heritage. The preserved objects of the old town are the extraordinary monuments of the Macedonian past and in the same time are an inspiration for modern architectures. The ancient citadel on the hill, encircled by walls up to 16 m thick and the remains of towers, is entered through two main gates: the upper and the lower. The fortifications have four entrances and 18 towers.

Ohrid is notable for having 365 churches, one for each day of the year, and is referred to as Macedonian Jerusalem. Many of the churches have remained until nowadays. The town is rich in picturesque houses and tourism is predominant.

In 1980, Ohrid and Lake Ohrid were accepted as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In fact, Ohrid is one of only 28 sites that are part of UNESCO’s World Heritage that are both Cultural and Natural sites.

More details about the host country can be found on: www.exploringmacedonia.com.