The tour with a museum guide starts at 15:30 from the lobby of NUTRICON Venue.

Conference participants will have an opportunity to visit the National Archaelogocal Museum exhibit. It will give you a rare opportunity to discover brilliant facts connected with the rich history of Macedonia and see splendid finds that originate from different periods. 

Before entering the Museum you will notice its splendid architectural style which is recently constructed as part of the project Skopje 2014. The building is new, with tall columns and huge glass windows which give freshness and unique look to the Museum, also it is connected to the popular Macedonia Square via splendid bridge on which many interesting monuments can be seen.

Entering the Museum is like entering in a different world. The walls are of Lemurian Blue granite (almost black with blue "morpho butterfly" splashes of iridescent blue dancing). In the Museum are displayed many artifacts and finds from different parts of the country dating from the Old Stone Age until today are gathered in one place. Each of the pieces displayed there has its own story that only shows how rich the past of Macedonia and Macedonian people is. The museum is set up chronologically, so it is easy to understand. The visitors will be guided by expert museum guide.