(Organized on the 2nd eve of the Congress)


Price includes: a Boat cruise, a drink on the boat, Dinner on ‘The Island’, and a visit to St. Naum’s Monastery (optional).
Price excludes: Personal expenses that do not cover stated services.

Departure Time*:  Specifically noted on a special card that participants receive for the Boat Cruise upon physical registration for the Congress.
Departure Place**: At the Ohrid Docks, near the Ohrid Main Square (specific address noted on the card all participants who register for the Boat Cruise will receive).

NOTE: Participants will need to submit their Boat Cruise Card at the entrance of the boat in order to enter.

*After the completion of congress activities on the 2nd day of NUTRICON. Usually an hour after congress activities.
**Prior to leaving for the Ohrid Docks, participants usually group at the entrance of the Unique Hotel before leaving together for the Ohrid Docks. Those who want to meet the organizer directly at the Ohrid Docks (or Square) have to inform the organizer promptly and beforehand.

Boat Cruise

The Ohrid Lake represents one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The lake is about 30 kilometers long, and around 288 meters deep. With its unique flora and fauna characteristic of the tertiary period (2-4 million years ago), Ohrid Lake is one of Europe’s great biological reserves, filled with endemic plant and animal species.

A Boat Cruise sail through one of the oldest lakes in Europe, experiencing the warm sun, a fresh spring breeze and coupled with refreshments and music, is just one of the benefits all participants receive as they enjoy sailing through Lake Ohrid to one of the oldest traditional restaurants that Macedonia has to offer – “The Island”.

Visit to St. Naum Monastery (optional)

Nearby “The Island” (at 150 meters walking distance) participants can find the St. Naum Monastery, founded by St. Naum in 905 AD, a disciple of Cyril and Methodius, as well as a contemporary and associate of Clement of Ohrid.

During his life, St. Naum was known as a miracle healer and is buried within the monastery itself. A common belief to this day is that anyone who touches his tomb will be cured of any disease, with those who place their ear over the tombstone of his sarcophagus, being able to hear Saint Naum’s heart still beating.

Dinner at 'The Island'

The Island, one of Macedonia’s oldest traditional restaurants,  is formed on the springs of the Crn Drim River. The place offers magical scenery with wonderful nature scenery, clean cold water, and fresh air. These springs are a natural beauty protected by UNESCO and can be experienced only by a rowboat with a captain/tour guide. 

Here, participants can experience and taste real traditional Macedonian food passed down from generation to generation throughout the ages, while surrounded by the sounds of a vibrant nature scenery (with an optional ride along across the river Drim channel by mini boat).